Nivel Inicial / Preschool

EDUCACIÓN BILINGÜE El Nivel Inicial es un espacio de juego y  socialización, el cual provoca la apropiación del conocimiento y hábitos de vida  que fortalecen progresivamente todas sus potencialidades.   Grados:
  • Corralito (Nursery): 1 año
  • Párvulo: 2 años
  • Pre- Kinder: 3 años
  • Kinder: 4 años
  • Pre-Primario: 5 años
  Por qué elegirnos:
  • Educación integral basada en valores
  • Personal altamente capacitado para cada área
  • Continuidad en el nivel primario y secundario
  • Programa totalmente bilingüe (materias impartidas en inglés y español)
    BILINGUAL EDUCATION Our bilingual program supports students for Grades Preschool to 6th Grade. Our CSJB Kindergarten Bilingual Curriculum focuses on how children learn through play and the relationship of the four types of play (functional, constructive, dramatic/pretend and interactive games with rules) to future academic success in other CSJB grade levels.  
    • K0(corralito): 1 year old
    • K1 (párvulo): 2 years old
    • K2 (pre-kinder) : 3 years old
    • K3 (kinder): 4 years old
    • K4 (preprimario):  5 years old

  • Uniqueness of our Bilingual Program
    • Big Circle Time: Allows the students to participate in all three languages, Spanish, English, and French
    • Two Curriculums: Dual curriculums into one program, one school bilingual focus
    • Two Teachers: Two regular teachers for each bilingual level. One is the Spanish teacher and the other is the English teacher.
  • Content Area Subjects: Science, mathematics, social studies, language arts, gross & fine motor skills and art. French is also another content area.
  • KINDERGYM: In the kindergarten area in CSJB we are equipped with a room with plastic filled shapes and mats on the floor. This play area is our kindergym, which needs to be supervised at all times as a learning environment.  Exercise in the kindergym develops gross motor skills but, also helps CSJB young children to develop a healthy self-image and positive self-esteem as they take pride in their physical play time accomplishments.